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The legendary Cinecittà has been the birthplace of thousands of international and Italian feature films, including many Acadamey Award winners.Today, a diverse slate of productions, from television drama to music videos, are shot on our lot.  We have the finest production facillities in europe and our mulit-lingual staff and technicians have more years of experience than any other studio in Europe.
GENERAL MAP (.pdf) - Theatres (1-10) Theatres (11-21)

We have also permanent tents on the Studio lot:
Palastudio - PLANIMETRY (.pdf)
Dimension: 200ft X 115ft; Area: 22, 798 sq. ft ; Height: 38ft

Basilica Aemilia
Dimension 20 x 75m  Area: 1.500 mq - PLANIMETRY(.pdf)

Outdoor tank  - PLANIMETRY (.pdf)
Dimension: 477 ft x  236ft ; Area: 112,840 sq ft; Submersible height: 6ft ; Hatch: 12ft; Backdrop: 262ft x 21.6ft ; Backdrop height: 65ft

Resident locations:

  • Ancient Italian Civilisation set  - 5 acres of backlot
  • Roman amphitheatre
  • Small villas (exteriors)
  • Submarine interior - 260 ft (79.25)
  • Tuscan/Umbrian medieval town square circa 1200 to today

Executive Production Services

Our  Executive Production Services (EPS)  provides assistance to international feature films  based  at Cinecittà, making  your decision to film in Italy a successful choice. We believe that making things easier for our customers is the key to incentivise shooting at Cinecittà and filming in Italy.

  • All invoices made out to foreign film companies are VAT (21%) free: this surpass any issue related to VAT reimbursements, since Cinecittà will  monetize VAT to the production;
  • The Tax Credit is immediately  effective on the movie budget every month , as a deduction on monthly taxes to be paid locally by  Cinecittà Studios on behalf  of the foreign production.
  • A combination of the Incentive with Regional Film Funds is allowed, with additional benefits when shooting in Rome and in other regions.

We assist  International productions progressively in order to let projects grow and optimize all the benefits available in Italy.

  • Phase 1: A professional introduction to  Italian Tax Credit and  Fiscal Benefits available in Italy, tailored for your specific project ;
  • Phase 2: Analysis of the  project’s  eligibility and professional counselling  to increase  eligibility criteria;
  • Phase 3: Analysis of the movie’s budget /schedule  in order to estimate Tax Benefits, VAT refunds and timings;
  • Phase 4: Executive Production Services, Tax Rebate  and Fiscal Benefits Administration. Just choose  a Line  Producer of your choice amongst those cooperating with Cinecittà.

Luce Cinecittà aggregates the best  Italian Professionals available in Italy: Line Producers, Tax Experts, Locations Managers, Casting Directors, etc

Services for International Productions

Cinecittà Budgeting Preparation Service: Cinecittà provides, through professionals, assistance to foreign producers in determining the costs of producing at our Studios. A budget of costs will be provided in accords to different projects.

Rome Production Community: Rome is home to one of the largest and most experienced production communities in the world. With over 5,000 craftspeople, suppliers and other professionals, it is second only to Hollywood in size and diversity. They furnish every kind of auxiliary service and personnel, from stunt performers to weaponry specialists, from prosthetics to weather effects, from antique cars and carriages to period costumes and wigs.

Our partner network, a select group of internationally-experienced companies, will help you access this wealth of talent:

  • production services specialists
  • location scouts and managers
  • budgeting and accounting professionals
  • equipment and technical services providers
  • specialized post-production facilities and services

Together, Luce Cinecittà, our network partners and the Rome production community can provide complete services for all types of productions, from feature films to fashion shoots.

Roma Lazio Film Commission: This publicly-funded organisation helps producers secure locations, permits and production services.

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