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Italy for Movies (www.italyformovies.it) is the Italian film location and production incentive portal created by Istituto Luce-Cinecittà, in partnership with the Italian Film Commissions association and under the coordination of the Directorate Generals for Film and Tourism of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. The project, born following a memorandum of understanding signed in December 2016 by DG Film and DG Tourism, aims to make our country more attractive and visible to tourists through film and audiovisual production, and tap into the growing flow of investments from abroad. Italy for Movies aims to be the first port of call for Italian and foreign producers interested in filming film and audiovisual works in our country, providing them with IT tools that can easily be found through search engines and redirecting them to the websites of the individual Film Commissions and institutions that issue funding for further information.

"Thanks to reinforced tax incentives for the film industry – said Minister Dario Franceschini – for three years now we’ve been seeing big international productions return to our country. Italy’s beauties, including its lesser-known beauties, are back travelling the world through film and TV series. It’s a sign of the times, with institutions paying greater attention to a crucial sector in Italy’s creative industry, which has culminated in the approval of the new film and audiovisual law. From today, producers and directors will have another tool at their disposal for combining their creative and production requirements with the beauty of Italy’s cultural heritage, a vast geo-localised database of places complete with detailed information on associated incentives available".

“Our work has just begun, our aim is to get as much of our unique and varied cultural heritage of roads, piazzas, palaces, churches, monuments and landscape features on the Internet as possible – said the Director General for Film, Nicola Borrelli – who highlighted that one of the functions assigned to the State by the new law is to promote the image of Italy, including for tourism purposes, through film and audiovisual products. “Finally we have a single portal with a list of locations that can be found through a search engine, where professionals can find out information on all the subsidies available and funding opportunities at regional, national and international level, where people can find out what films, series or documentaries have been shot and where, with detailed information on the places chosen for filming and photos of scenes or backstage videos, and where people can keep up to date on the latest films and incentives”.

“Today, a few months on from signing the memorandum of understanding, this project has become a reality and has resulted in strong synergies between tourism and the audiovisual sector – said the Director General for Tourism, Francesco Palumbo – Film is an extraordinary local marketing tool, capable of inspiring travel. The images in a film are capable of stoking the interest of a viewer in the places the film has been shot in, and feeding the dream, the first stage in planning a journey. In perfect harmony with the Strategic Tourism Plan, the communicative strength of a film is even greater when it allows you to ‘discover’ a lesser-known Italy, rich in beautiful cultural and landscape heritage, a strong characteristic of what our country has to offer. Furthermore, we should consider that cinetourism generates considerate revenue in the areas where filming takes place and that, according to some estimates, there are over 40 million movie tourists all over the world who are potentially interested in Italy. Italy for Movies is therefore dedicated to fans too, to the increasing numbers of people who love travelling to film locations, or those who stay seated in the cinema until the last line of the credits rolls in the hope that the thanks will contain references to the places seen on screen, or anyone who is simply curious to know where a series they’ve seen on TV or a film they’ve been to see was filmed”.


The website, available in Italian and English, can be visited at www.italyformovies.it.

For more information, please get in touch at: info@italyformovies.it

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