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Three films shot at Cinecittà Studios are in competition at the 80th Venice Film Festival, some of which also engaged its staff.
The festival’s opening film The Commander by Edoardo De AngelisEnea, second work by Pietro Castellitto, Finalmente l’alba by Saverio Costanzo, are in the main category competing for the Golden Lion.
In particular, Costanzo and De Angelis’ films were given a pivotal contribution, besides for the reception met at the Studios, for the work of Cinecittà’s scenography departments, crucial in the development of the plot.
“Three films shot in Cinecittà in competition at the Venice Film Festival, directed by talented directors who are as different in style as they are similar in their ability to arouse emotions, is a reason of pride for our cinema and a satisfaction for those working on the project of creating an ever larger and more relevant Cinecittà,” stated Nicola Maccanico, CEO of Cinecittà, “It is also the confirmation of how stronger and more competitive studios contribute to making movies of greater quality and ambition. This can be seen as a first fantastic creative result of an industrial plan leading Cinecittà to grow and take our cinema to the international level it deserves.
Congratulations to these films, filmmakers and productions, and a huge good luck.”

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