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Final touches at the Venice Lido Excelsior Hotel for the reopening of the Italian Pavilion, where to meet and share business at the 80th edition of the Venice Film Festival. The House of Italian Cinema opens to professional and artistic delegations and accredited members of the Festival. Once again this year, the pavilion is the central pole of the Italian audiovisual industry, promoted by the Italian Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual (DGCA) of the Italian Ministry of Culture (MiC) and organized and coordinated by Cinecittà SpA, hosting an ever more articulated and packed calendar of conferences, presentations, awarding events, debates, round tables, and one-to-one meetings from August 30 to September 8.
As customary, the Pavilion stages a double soul: live and online.
Alongside the events at the Excelsior, film fans can find a highlight of the schedules, exclusive video interviews, and info on the events on www.italianpavilion.it, the digital platform of this professional venue: a window to check on the protagonists of the Festival and the industry, even remotely.
Among the most important initiatives of the 80th Venice Pavilion are the meetings organized by the Ministry of Culture, ranging from presentations to tributes. The series kicks off on Thursday, August 31, with the launch of the new tender notice of the Piano Cinema per Scuola, followed by a data report on the initiative Cinema Revolution and thence a meeting on new opportunities for the Italian film industry in Japan.
The SWG/Cattolica research on audiovisual consumption and figures unlocks the event schedule on Friday, September 1st, followed by a conference on the new MiC-MAXXI Film and Photography training project, while on Saturday, September 2, insiders are invited to the event organized by the MEDIA program. A magnificent photographic exhibition entitled Anna & Gina unveils on Wednesday, September 6, at the Hotel Excelsior organized by the Archivio Luce Cinecittà, a homage to the two great divas of the past, Anna Magnani and Gina Lollobrigida, along with the presentation of a postage stamp dedicated to Gina Lollobrigida. 
On behalf of the DGCA of the MiC, Cinecittà has also coordinated a series of encounters with the main protagonists of the international audiovisual industry organized by its Special Projects Office. Producers, creatives and directors are at the center of a varied program of B2B meetings, conferences, and conventions: from a study on animation promoted by the MPA (Motion Pictures Association) to a focus on the Asian audiovisual industry with delegations from China, Japan, and, for the first time in Italy, Kyrgyzstan; from an analysis of the new anti-piracy law to the presentation of the first European campaign against the camcorder. The objective of the encounters is to anticipate the sector trends once again and support the ecosystem efficiently from a global perspective.
The background of the events is a graphic design by Studioata, also in charge of the Italian Pavilion staging that exploits the morphing process as formerly for the Cannes Film Festival pavilion, giving life to constantly moving forms just as the art of cinema, constantly evolving. For this reason, objects that recall the Seventh Art stand out on the pavilion walls - a movie camera, a director's chair, the Golden Lion - and then their silhouettes change shape, shortly becoming sinuous, fluctuating, and concentric lines. The result is soft and tenuous and recalls a flower while suggesting a fresh feeling of synergy between technology and nature, between the simulation of abstract forms and the organic beauty of the natural world.
The Italian Pavilion at the 80th Venice Film Festival is promoted by DGCA MiC and Cinecittà.
Partners of the event: Unicredit, Rai Cinema, Afic, Anec, Anica, Apa, Ape, CSC – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Cinematografo, CNA, Doc/It, Creative Europe – MEDIA, Rome Film Fest, Giornate degli Autori, Ifc, Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio - Italian short film center, Italy for Movies, MIA, SNGCI, SNCCI, CinecittàNews and Ottoemezzo.
Sponsors of the Italian Pavilion: Kimbo, Loison, Maia, Cielo 1908, Bonaventura Maschio, Petrone, Benacus, Tiramisù, Pernoire and Auto 4R.

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