20 January 2023

Cinecittà: a tribute to Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale, a multifaceted diva, is at the center of a great celebration entitled Claudia Cardinale the Indomitable

Claudia Cardinale, a multifaceted diva, is at the center of a great celebration entitled Claudia Cardinale the Indomitable, a tribute organized by Cinecittà featuring a book and an exhibition to be held from February 3 to 21 at the New York MoMA in collaboration with its Department of Film, in the wake of the twenty-year relationship between the two institutions.
Luigi Comencini’s La ragazza di Bube (Bebo’s Girl,) restored by Cinecittà, and the art book, “Claudia Cardinale the Indomitable” published by Cinecittà and Electa, were previewed to the press in Rome on January 20 by the actress’ daughter, Claudia Squitieri, curator of the book, and by Chiara Sbarigia, President of Cinecittà.
Thanks to the restoration of Cinecittà lab, La ragazza di Bube, produced by Cristaldi in 1963, is on screen again in a version that has given back the shine to Gianni Di Venanzo’s superb black and white, with a magnificent Claudia Cardinale and her scratchy voice, in a role that earned her first important recognition, a Silver Ribbon for Best Actress, stating her unique ability to transfer to each character the strong traits of an “indomitable” personality, the leitmotif of her artistic and personal choices. The film’s screening was preceded by the preview of the latest work starring Claudia Cardinale, Un Cardinale Donna by Manuel Perrone (2023, 10’), recently shot in her residence near Paris.
“I am happy to be back in Rome,” says Claudia Cardinale, “Cinecittà and the New York MoMA have presented me with a marvelous tribute. The idea of still being in the audience’s hearts worldwide excites me and gives me joy and energy. Among the many I’ve acted in, there is no favorite film: it would be like choosing a favorite child, but certainly, La ragazza di Bube represents that “indomitable” side of my personality that I’ve always listened to and which allowed me to experience great emotions. My next project, shared with my children Claudia and Patrick, is to create a foundation in my name and open our home to artists worldwide.”
“I am particularly proud to present a new and important restoration together with other remarkable films that enhance the skill, beauty, and extraordinary modernity of Claudia Cardinale, one of the greatest Italian actresses, who worked with the major directors of her time,” says Chiara Sbarigia, president of Cinecittà, “Restoration is part of Cinecittà’s essential services: the preservation of our national film heritage. And Cinecittà has always been a pioneer in this so that the great masterpieces of the past can continue to prepare generations of viewers and professionals. To list just a few, Cinecittà has already preserved the matrices of all Pier Paolo Pasolini’s films, still used today to celebrate him worldwide, but we have also restored many other fundamental titles, among which La Strada and 8 ½ by Federico Fellini, The Family by Ettore Scola, The Truce by Francesco Rosi, Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore, Deep Red by Dario Argento and Bernardo Bertolucci’s entire library, in addition to Papal Audience by Marco Ferreri and Act of Sorrow by Pasquale Squitieri.”
“Celebrating a living actress is an extraordinary tribute that MoMA has dedicated to a very select few, and Claudia Cardinale is a superb personality,” explains Joshua Siegel, senior curator of the MoMA Department of Film, “Her talent surpasses, if even possible, her undisputed beauty. She has been sought after by directors all over the world for the shades she has instilled in her characters, and today we are thrilled to admire her in her Italian and international works, allowing our audience to rediscover or discover her for the first time, thanks to our collaboration with Cinecittà which, every year, allows us to offer the best of Italy’s cultural production, in beautifully restored prints.”
The review is curated by Paola Ruggiero and Camilla Cormanni, Cinecittà, and by Joshua Siegel, Curator of the Film Department of The Museum of Modern Art New York. For the event, Cinecittà and Electa have edited a prestigious art book entitled “Claudia Cardinale. The Indomitable,” edited by Claudia Squitieri with texts by Giorgio Armani, Barbara Corsi, Caterina d’Amico, Masolino d’Amico, Silvia d’Amico Bendicò, René de Ceccatty, Jean A. Gili, Julia Guillon, Cristina Jandelli, Sergio Toffetti, accompanied by rare photos selected from various archives (Archivio Luce, Turin Cinema Museum Archive, Reporters Associati & Archivi).

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