Towards a sustainable cinema 

Cinecittà is committed to integrating the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) within its business activities, through a journey initiated since 2022 and named Cinecittà REgeneration

“Regeneration” is the goal to pursue in every aspect of corporate life: values, behaviours, production processes, and relationships with all stakeholders. 

The project aims to present Cinecittà as a model of innovation and sustainable development for the entire audiovisual industry, nationally and internationally. It aspires to create a lively and active ecosystem capable of building a new relationship between society and environment, territory and business, and to concretely contribute to achieving the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the climate targets of the Paris Agreement.

The journey unfolds starting from the three pillars that are at the core of Cinecittà’s strategic vision:

Our Values
We promote the dissemination of values and practices aimed at generating a positive impact on society and the environment.

Sustainable Development
We support the sustainable development of the industry through a serious commitment to social and environmental issues.

We help the industry find innovative solutions, by collaborating with all our stakeholders fostering relationships and connections to achieve superior outcomes.

Our Manifesto

  • Creativity

    We are the laboratory of ideas, where creativity blooms and takes shape, where art unfold freely, without bias.

  • Community

    We are a vibrant community that thrives on the distinctiveness of each member, grows through human and professional relationships, and is strengthened by continuous interaction with the local community and the market.

  • People

    We support the value of people and the uniqueness of each individual, and believe that employment should uphold dignity, guarantee equal rights, foster inclusivity, promote well-being and safety, and facilitate personal harmony.

  • Responsibility

    We fully recognize the responsibility we bear towards everything around us and our stakeholders, and we pledge to honor and safeguard the rights of all, to reduce consumption, and to use the resources we have at our disposal responsibly.

  • Innovation

    We aspire to be a driving force for transformation and innovation across the entire industry, fostering the continuous evolution of our values and business endeavors, propelled by a constant connection with the world around us.