Towards a sustainable cinema 

Cinecittà is committed to integrating the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) within its business activities, through a journey initiated since 2022 and named Cinecittà REgeneration

“Regeneration” is the goal to pursue in every aspect of corporate life: values, behaviours, production processes, and relationships with all stakeholders. 

The project aims to present Cinecittà as a model of innovation and sustainable development for the entire audiovisual industry, nationally and internationally. It aspires to create a lively and active ecosystem capable of building a new relationship between society and environment, territory and business, and to concretely contribute to achieving the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the climate targets of the Paris Agreement.

The journey unfolds starting from the three pillars that are at the core of Cinecittà’s strategic vision:

Our Values
We promote the dissemination of values and practices aimed at generating a positive impact on society and the environment.

Sustainable Development
We support the sustainable development of the industry through a serious commitment to social and environmental issues.

We help the industry find innovative solutions, by collaborating with all our stakeholders fostering relationships and connections to achieve superior outcomes.


Cinecittà has defined key objectives that reflect its commitment to a sustainable future:

  • 1. Regeneration

    Cinecittà commits not only to achieving net-zero emissions before 2050, in line with the target of the international scientific community, but also aims to go beyond by implementing a circular and regenerative approach at all levels.

  • 2. Local Culture and Social Responsibility

    Cinecittà recognizes the importance of supporting and safeguarding the community that lives and thrives around it, starting with the local community. Additionally, it aims to cultivate a shared culture rooted in respect and the protection of human rights. The company is committed to promoting initiatives aimed at generating a positive impact on its community and the neighborhood.

  • 3. Leadership

    Cinecittà aims to raise awareness and involve all its stakeholders in the company’s values and sustainable development journey. The goal is to share the objectives with them and multiply the results, benefiting the entire audiovisual industry.