Recovery Plan

Cinecittà has embarked on an ambitious revitalization project aimed at the growth and development of its historic film studios located on Via Tuscolana by means of an industrial reform and the proper use of the Recovery Plan funds (PNRR). The project is supported by European and domestic investments and the collaboration between institutions and market players.  

The primary goal of the actions undertaken through the European funds is to enhance the competitiveness of the Italian audiovisual sector through three key lines of intervention: 

  1. Increase in Production Capacity: This involves the construction of five new soundstages and the renovation and expansion of four existing ones, all highly focused on energy and environmental sustainability. The aim is to increase the production capacity by 60%, attracting production companies at domestic, European, and international levels.
  2. Revitalization of the entire Via Tuscolana site: This part of the project includes the renovation of all remaining stages, buildings, and service spaces for productions, the expansion and optimization of the backlot area, the rekindling of utility infrastructures and road networks, the implementation of state-of-the-art connectivity, energy efficiency, and the enhancement of green areas. 
  3. Digitalization of the Luce Archive: The historical Luce Archive is an invaluable treasure that preserves one of the most important film, photographic, and documentary collections of the 20th century. The PNRR framework is to enhance this heritage by digitizing approximately 13,000 reels of audiovisual footage and over one and a half million photographic images. The goal is to ensure their safe and long-lasting preservation while easing their accessibility and use.

The time schedule of the PNRR interventions in compliance with the European Recovery Plan provisions has been achieved: publication of the call for tenders for the construction of new stages, contract signing with all companies involved, and the start of construction. The project is currently underway and is expected to be completed by June 30, 2026. 

The set of actions implemented will strengthen Cinecittà’s position in the global film studios market and contribute to the revival of the Italian industrial sector through investments in technological innovation, digital enhancement, and a resolute commitment to environmental sustainability at each step of the audiovisual production.