Cinecittà REgeneration

Cinecittà REgeneration is the project that integrates the ESG principles into Cinecittà’s business activities. 

Cinecittà fosters the growth of a culture supporting the environment throughout the value chain, from suppliers to the final customer, with the goal of converting production processes to reduce risks to the environment and human health.

Objective: achieve net-zero emissions before 2050, in line with the targets of the international scientific community. And beyond.
The ambition is to implement a circular and regenerative approach at all levels.

The program includes a series of mitigating actions on every category, i.e. energy, mobility, transportation, housing, travel, construction, materials, water, catering, and waste. Here are the key points:

  • Decarbonization plan

    After the Carbon Footprint of the Organization (CFO) calculation, which quantifies the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, Cinecittà finalized a reduction plan (with the scientific and strategic support by ZEN2030 – Benefit Society).

  • Renewable energy and self-produced electricity

    Starting from 2022, Cinecittà is powered by 100% renewable energy. In 2025, it will commence self-production of electricity through solar panels, installed on over 9,000 m2 of horizontal surfaces.

  • New and renewed buildings & other PNRR investments

    The design of the new buildings financed by European funds (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) will adhere to high standards aimed at reducing environmental impacts, in compliance with the DNSH principles, applied by the European Community. Furthermore, all other interventions within the PNRR Project will focus on upgrading the energy efficiency.

  • Reduction, recycle and reuse

    Disposable materials will be gradually replaced with materials of reduced impact or, when possible, reusable alternatives. Plastic usage will be minimized across all activities. Additionally, a feasibility study is underway to reduce waste from production processes, focusing on the recycling and reuse of finished products and processing waste, thereby supporting the circularity of the production process.

  • "Green standards" for productions

    We assist our clients in reducing their environmental impacts by providing a list of guidelines and behaviours, in compliance with our internal policies. By working together, the result will be better, and satisfaction greater!
    Please, refer to our Green Standards