Virtual production

The next-gen production

Cinecittà is equipped with one of the largest LED walls in Europe, located in Stage 18.

The T18 Led Volume Stage is a state-of-the-art soundstage where filmmaking takes place in a virtual and dynamic set. Thanks to the combination of high-definition LED panels surrounding the entire soundstage, the set space largely extends beyond reality, offering productions an endless range of advantages and services, from displaying still images or plates as backgrounds to shooting entirely in Virtual Production. The LED Volume was built by Faber Audiovisuals, using ROE BP2V2 panels (0,11” pitch) for the walls and ROE CB5 panels for the motorized roof (22.7” pitch). The LED Volume is also equipped with a 360° rotating 82 ft diameter platform, which quickly repositions the set. The curved LED Wall is 26.24 ft high, 82 ft wide, and 170.6 ft long, for a total area of 4,865.29 sq. ft. The roof covers a 4,488.55 sq. ft area and allows for detailed control of lighting and reflections.