Film Developing Lab

35mm & 16mm Film Developing Lab
© ph credits Simona Panzini
Film restoration


For old-time film lovers, Cinecittà has renewed its famous 35mm and 16mm B&W and color film developing lab, updating it with cutting-edge machinery. Our professionals are wise experts in managing the processing of this quaintly fascinating material.

© ph credits Simona Panzini

Restauro Pellicole

Cinecittà film restoration staff, made up of specialists in the fields of film, digital pictures and digital sound, work in close collaboration to bring the cinema masterpieces back to their original splendor.

From the long and specific experience achieved in years, which has given light to a long series of cinematographic masterpieces of the past, the most advanced working methods together with the most modern technologies are used in the film restoration process.

  • Film inspection.
  • Film repair.
  • Film preparing to scanner.
  • Film cleaning for Nitrate, Acetate and Polyester.
  • 16mm e 35mm film scanning @2K, 4K and 6K with Arriscan and related archive options.
  • 8mm and S8mm optional scanning.
  • 4K DRS by Revival, Phoenix and PFClean stations.
  • 4K screening rooms with Color Grading.
  • Negative soundtracks optical scan.
  • Soundtrack restoration with specific softwares.
  • Soundtrack re-recording in large mixing rooms.
  • 2K, 4K 35mm film recording capability via Arrilaser.