Art Department

In Cinecittà, the most skilled and experienced set designers will help you create and realize any possible set.

The Art Department is one of Cinecittà’s most valuable assets and can endorse your project with the added value of a long-time talent tradition. Our professionals create extraordinary sets by combining century-old techniques with the latest digital technologies. Next to this, the set construction department also boasts great managerial and executive skills, optimizing results with the maximum cost efficiency.

The best professionals in the business

Set design and construction is one of Cinecittà’s great strengths. We continue to invest in the best professionals in the business to add increasing value to the sector. Our construction department creates extraordinary sets at competitive prices, combining traditional craftsmanship and almost a century of experience working with techniques and materials, with the latest in digital technology.

Some of the most famous work completed here include the German and American WWII submarines used in U-571Ancient Rome created for HBO’s Rome, Florence in the 1400sSt. Peter’s facade and the set of Jerusalem for The Young Messiah. Several of these sets (Ancient Rome, Florence in the 1400s) have earned themselves a permanent place at the Studios and are often redressed for use by new productions.

Moreover, set construction professionals and decorators can use a vast collection of more than 3,000 pieces: statues, jewelry and furniture from different styles and eras, from Imperial Rome to ancient Egypt.