10 December 2023

LuceLabCinecittà Training Courses Take Off

Promoted by Cinecittà and Archivio Luce to create new professionals in Archive and Film Techniques, Carpentry, Painting and Decoration, Cutting and Costume, Make-up and Hair, and Virtual Production

Teaching the allure of audiovisual arts by studying the ideas and techniques of great masters and the latest trends in international cinema: LUCELABCINECITTÀ is the new training project promoted by Cinecittà and Archivio Luce in collaboration with some of the industry’s most important institutions coordinated by the Italian Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual of the Italian Ministry of Culture (MIC). Financed with the Recovery Funds and launched last March, the project aims to train students and audiovisual professionals, as well as update technicians, managers, and creatives already working in the field through specific courses, workshops, and laboratories.

After the first ‘Next Generation Lawyer’ courses in November, film preservation and restoration courses organized by Luce Archive have taken off, as well as courses dedicated to artisans and creative professionals in collaboration with ASC – Associazione Italiana Scenografi, Costumisti, Arredatori, and Virtual Production classes in partnership with Rainbow Academy. The program is designed to create new professionals and meet the strong need for a generational turnover to fulfill the growing demand of production companies, a crucial issue for the industry’s development.

LuceLabCinecittà boasts a practical educational approach, focusing on laboratories and internships to prepare young technicians, artists, and creatives for new digital technology professions as well as traditional ones.

The Luce Archive course focuses on the historical, physical, chemical, and technical knowledge for the conservation of Archive materials and digital preservation practices. The Cinecittà and ASC courses involve all ‘craft labs,’ such as those dedicated to carpentry, painting and decoration, tailoring and fabric cutting, and make-up and hair, key departments for any audiovisual production in order to create the magic and charm of a film or TV series. An Italian excellence that certainly requires new training and productive forces, the Virtual Production course designed with Rainbow Academy puts the spotlight on one of the most rising fields in the film, TV series, and commercials industry – the audiovisual sector of the future.

Chiara Sbarigia, President of Cinecittà, asserts, “The audiovisual industry is experiencing turmoil and rapid changes. In recent seasons, there has been a peak in production demands, with a need for new professionals, technicians, and artisans. The professional courses created by Cinecittà with MIC support the market demand by offering knowledge and possibilities. LuceLabCinecittà is simple and revolutionary: it offers young people and professionals the opportunity to refine their skills at Cinecittà or other production venues followed by talented and professional teachers, in a ‘knowledge’ lab combining traditional knowledge with technical and technological innovation thanks to the support of fundamental partners, such as the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, ASC, Rainbow, the Maxxi Foundation, BeRight. Cinema and audiovisual thrive on this union, and we believe that our courses shall be crucial to learn and experience all this first-hand.”


The Professionalizing Course in Conservation for Scanner Operators and Film Technicians of Luce Archive offers its participants an approach to the world of analog-digital film conversion by acquiring the most important archiving and conservation facts with a focus on inspecting, restoring and physically preserving film through the use of the most appropriate tools.

Participants have the opportunity to experience the profession working on Luce Historical Archive materials in a highly specialized laboratory.

The Professionalizing Course in Carpentry aims to train artisans interested in the knowledge of the art and technique of woodworking on different grounds, such as practicable furnishing and construction. The theoretical program focuses on the history of set design construction and furnishing in different periods, the basic principles of film, theater, and television language, and a laboratory on related machinery with expert tutors. The laboratory leads to the realization of elements to be included in a final project to be created with other workshops. Sessions with set designers and construction managers enrich the course.

The Professionalizing Course in Painting and Decoration aims to train painter-creators and painter-decorators. From large backdrops to fake marbles, stencils, wallpapers, and other techniques, the course includes the study of painting and decoration throughout the history of art, solutions in the use of colors, color preparation, and the most appropriate choices in completing a job. Participants will be offered theoretical and practical notions on the components of various colors, typologies, mixing systems, the techniques involved in creating fake marbles, wallpapers, stencils, mosaics, plaster preparations, the use of tools suitable for patinas, aging, decorations, and techniques to develop large pictorial indoors and outdoors surfaces and backdrops.

The Professionalizing Course in Tailoring and Costume Cutting focuses on the history of costumes, practical cutting and sewing workshops, and costume cutting through different eras. Finished products are realized after processing (sewing, decoration, etc.) paper patterns and exploiting ancient sewing techniques and innovative technologies. Further techniques are imparted to modify existing clothes, both for the cast and extras, respecting the sewing techniques of the time.

The Professionalizing Course in Make-up and Hair aims to train artists in hairdressing applied to the entertainment industry. It involves the study of different make-up styles, hairstyles, and wigs through different historical periods and the study of materials to create wide-ranging prosthetics. The practical laboratory focuses on studying and realizing different make-up period styles, correctly positioning wigs and hairpieces, combing and maintenance, and learning the most advanced techniques to obtain wide-ranging prosthetics: wounds, aging, etc.

The Master in Virtual Production aims to train experienced professionals in Virtual Production for films, TV series, and commercials. The entertainment industry is constantly growing and expanding and requires young talents who fully understand professional and innovative workflows and are capable of working autonomously. The main content of the lessons focuses on theoretical and practical work sessions, reviews, and deliveries under the guidance of highly specialized professionals; the potential of 3D and Real time integration; and the creation of content for a professional showreel, a fundamental requirement to be listed by domestic and international companies.



Ultime news

Restorations • Venice

‘L’oro di Napoli’ by Vittorio De Sica restored by Cinecittà pre-opens Venice

The classic film by and with Vittorio De Sica, L’oro di Napoli (The Gold of Naples, 1954) starring Eduardo De Filippo, Sophia Loren, Silvana Mangano, Paolo Stoppa and Totò, will be the Pre-opening film on Tuesday August 27th of the 81st Venice International Film Festival of La Biennale di Venezia, on the 50th anniversary of the death of Vittorio De Sica and the 70th anniversary of the film.