10 May 2024

Cinecittà partner of Academy100

In honor of the 100th Oscars® ceremony in 2028, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today publicly launched Academy100

In honor of the 100th Oscars® ceremony in 2028, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today publicly launched Academy100, a $500MM (US) global revenue diversification and outreach campaign designed to expand the Academy’s worldwide scope, ensure the success of its next 100 years, and connect audiences through their shared love of cinema. The Academy announced the initiative during an in-person press conference, hosted by Cinecittà in Rome, Italy.

Support for the Academy100 campaign will endow and fund programs that recognize excellence in cinematic artistry and innovation; preserve our film history; enable the creation of world-class film exhibitions, screenings, and publications; train and educate the next generation of diverse global film artists; and produce powerful digital content. Visit for more information.

“The future of the Academy is global, and Academy100 will deepen our worldwide reach and impact,” noted Academy CEO Bill Kramer. “The Academy will soon enter its second century, and we want to ensure that we continue to be the preeminent leader of our international film community. Like all healthy organizations, the Academy needs a sustainable and diverse base of support, and we are deeply grateful to Rolex and all of our partners for helping us launch this important and forward-looking initiative.”

More than $100MM has been committed to the campaign, including ongoing support from long-standing Academy partner Rolex. Rolex and the Academy are deeply committed to perpetuating cinematic excellence and linking generations of filmmakers, students, and arts patrons. Rolex’s transformative support will help solidify the Academy’s and Rolex’s shared roles as global leaders in the celebration, preservation, and advancement of cinema.

“Cinecittà welcomes the Academy for such a significant celebration of its history. Co-hosting this Academy100 event underscores the strength of our partnership, which is also evident in our support for the Academy Museum and its Italian film programming,” said Nicola Maccanico, Cinecittà CEO. “Like the Academy, Cinecittà is embracing the future with enthusiasm and establishing itself as a leading industrial player in the global film industry. We support and champion the Academy100 initiative and share the same values and commitment to future generations.”

“Rolex is a proud partner of the Academy, putting its full support behind its important endeavors including Academy100,” said Arnaud Boetsch, Director of Communication & Image at Rolex. “As a global company with a long history, we understand the importance of communicating across countries, cultures and generations. Building networks across the world, the Academy will be able to inspire filmmakers globally to always reach further to attain excellence.”

In addition, throughout the Academy100 campaign, the Academy will host convenings, community gatherings, special events, and educational programs with Academy members and the broader film and arts communities in locations around the world. As the Academy and the film industry become increasingly global, this expanded international outreach will help develop a pool of new filmmakers and Academy members and support the worldwide filmmaking community. Locations include Buenos Aires, Cannes, Johannesburg, Kyoto, Lagos, London, Los Angeles, Marrakesh, Melbourne, Mexico City, Mumbai, New York, Rome, San Francisco, Seoul, Toronto, Toruń, Venice, and more.

Beginning in 2027, in honor of the 100th Oscars in 2028, the Academy Museum will present a series of special exhibitions, film programs, and publications connected to the history of the Academy and the Academy Awards®. More details will be announced at a later date.

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