Permanent Sets & Backlot

The permanent sets and the backlot are open spaces in constant transformation.

Built and meticulously tended down to the smallest detail, these impressive architectural structures have a strong visual and emotional impact. Extremely versatile, they can easily be adapted to recreate the most diverse eras, styles, and geographies.

At Cinecittà, the sets make history

A backlot of ten hectares, surrounded by the parkland of Cinecittà, with several imposing and legendary sets that have gained a permanent place in the heart of the Cinecittà Studios lot, ready to live again with every new screenplay

  • Backlot

    Backlot is a nearly 8-hectare space equipped with electricity and water. Thanks to ist extreme versatility, many prestigious films and TV series have been shot here.

  • Ancient Rome

    This set covers an area of approximately 4 hectares. The set reproduces the typical mundane and religious buildings of the Roman Forum. Its supporting structure is covered with wooden frames and fiberglass decorations. In addition to ist distinct monumentality, the set’s main feature is represented by its marked hues that bring us back to the original colors of Republican Rome in an extraordinary and evocative journey through time.

  • Roman Theater

    The Roman Theater is an imposing construction that counts 800 seats, faithfully reproducing an Imperial Age brick theater used by Romans for their entertainment shows.

  • Urban American District

    Urban American District is a dynamic space in which buildings and architecture characteristic of a large South American city are reproduced. Streets, stores, green areas, multi-storey buildings make up this fascinating film set. Each building reflects in detail and with authenticity the different urban cultures of the region, ranging from the elegance of colonial style to the modernity of contemporary architecture.

  • 20th Century City

    This set accurately recreates the spaces and places of an early 20th century Italian city by combining middle-class and working-class neighborhoods. This environment is a faithful reproduction that includes civic buildings, mansions and suburbs, a church, commercial streets, and a tram shed. Each architectural element has been crafted with skill and attention to detail reflecting the elegance and charm of the period.